About Record On Road

Record on Road is an attempt to break the world record for the longest road trip on four wheels. A journey spread across 70,000 kilometers. 29 states, 5 union territories, 1200 cities & towns over 365 days. A courageous attempt by one man to challenge the limits of endurance, will power & perseverance.

Kapil Phogat is going on a road trip across India to break the Guinness World Record of the longest road trip within a country. The current record stands at 58,135.87 Km. Kapil will drive 70,000 Km all by himself. It is going to be a test of One Man’s ability to manage fatigue, discipline, language & cultural differences across India.

Driving across India to break the world record is a herculean task. Every turn will be a challenge – treacherous curves, snow blockades, roadless terrain & unexpected rains. A true test of Mental strength, Physical endurance & driving excellence shall also be a race against time to be completed in the 365-day schedule.




States & UTs


Days on Road



Journey Begins in …

177 days 07:42:42

About Kapil Phogat

Aventurer & Explorer

“Kapil is an adventurer, explorer or may be just a beast of the road. In his words ‘He feels alive only when he is travelling’. However, he wishes to make a lot more impact through his commitment to travelling. So he is attempting a herculean task that nobody on the planet has achieved until today. ”

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Record on road for a cause

Kapil is taking up this humongous task to spread awareness & information about road safety in India. With nearly 4,64,910 lives lost due to road accidents in 2017, India ranks quite low on road safety index. Kapil is on a mission to break the records by driving safely for saving lives, not just of human beings but also, the animals who can’t speak for themselves. Join him on the journey to re-learn the safety rules to make your road ventures safer for others.

Sponsor the World Record

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